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Pastry Gems ?


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I am new to pastry making I made my first puff pastry on the weekend and was happy

with the result but theres plenty of room for improvement.

I used butter in my first pastry and now im trying a bakers margarine and bakers gems

I know the margarine and gems are used in the same pastry mix but i cant find much info

on pastry gems E.G when you add the gems are they used for laying or mixed with the margarine etc any ideas ? heres a pic of the gems

Thanks Daz

IMG_7616 copy.jpg

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Hi Daznz

Don't know bakers gems we don't get them over here as far as I know. When I made puff regularly, to make thousands of sausage rolls, as I didn’t want it too rich I always used one third lard to two thirds butter. Beating in the lard and folding in the butter. Don’t forget that pinch of salt it makes all the difference. Strong bread flour of course. It’s hard work but worth it.

Pam Brunning Editor Food & Wine, the Journal of the European & African Region of the International Wine & Food Society

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