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Went for dinner last night with some friends, including a chef instructor who knew Chef Owner Mark Tropea.

We almost tried every item on the menu between the 6 of us. The highlights for appetizers included the sous vide pork belly which had a crisp skin yet melted in your mouth, lobster crepes with delicate freshly made crepes.

Entree highlights included a massive portion of Braised short ribs (prepared sous vide and then finished in the oven with some demi glace), perfectly moist salmon, and the popular lobster Mac & cheese which is rich yet light and very flavorful.

We ordered all the desserts on the menu which were interesting - in a good way. Pastry chef Krystal Weaver really has some gems here such as the Passion fruit pana cotta with fresh jersey corn, fig tart with lemon ice cream, fresh sorbets including a blood orange and basil, chocolate decadence which included chocolate beignet.

The food, service and ambiance were great and I am sure we will be back soon. The short ribs egg benedict on the brunch menu is calling me.

Unfortunately, no pics since I forgot my camera.

ETA: Website - http://sonatarestaurant.com/

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We love love love Sonata, have been there quite a lot.

They need a review by Laban, I've recommended it a few times on his live chat, but he hasn't yet.

Very creative Chef and Pastry Chef, really good people with creative and very good food.

Philly Francophiles

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