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Best Chinatown Lobster


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I'm seeking a place in Chinatown (Manhattan) for great (fresh) lobster. I'm pretty flexible on the style of preparation as long as it's a succulent lobster live in a tank just before they cook it. I've struck out on a few places and gave up for a while.

However, I have a friend with a craving for Lobster prepared in one of the Chinese Styles (ginger/scallion, country style with black bean, etc) and would really appreciate any suggestions!

We used to go to Sun Lok Kee, then followed it to Flushing as it became New Lok Kee, and now that it's gone, we're not having any luck getting a fresh tasting lobster.

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!

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A decent enough place, especially if you stick with what they do well, is Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant. I've mentioned it and blogged about it before as well.

If their seafood tanks are full and lively, you shouldn't have any problem getting lobsters, perfectly prepared, in the style you like - and probably 2 for under $25.

At lunch, dim sum and roasted meats can also hit the spot. eGulleteer Pan feels that their soy sauce chicken ranks up there with the best in Manhattan.

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