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Agriturismo in Piedmont?

Jesse A

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I'll be in Turin with two friends in late October for Slow Food's Terra Madre conference, and we have a few days to travel beforehand. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a nice agriturismo in Piedmont, maybe in the Langhe?

We're grad students and thus on a budget, so are looking for authenticity and good food but not luxury. We don't need a place with a swimming pool, tv, internet, etc. Ideal would be simple accomodations (and thus inexpensive!) with good, traditional food. We'd love somewhere that is a working farm first and an inn second.

Last year, I stayed at Agriturismo Serafina on the Amalfi coast and it was wonderful - 50 euro per day for room plus breakfast and dinner; the place was operated by a family that had farmed the land for six generations, and everything we were served - meat, oil, wine, fruit, vegetables - was grown or produced on the premises.

So, any recommendations?

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Hi Jesse from Oakland,

its been many years since I lived there!

Cascina Sant'Eufemia near Sinio is in the Langhe and gets good reviews on Trip Advisor, and would fit the description of what you are looking for.

Also Bella Baita in Val Chisone.

We are also an agri-turismo (Villa Sampaguita) located near Asti but we are not a budget B&B (although too be fair we are very reasonably priced for what we offer). We have some old friends from Sebastabol also coming to Terre Madre going to stay with us.


Too many restaurants in Piedmont, too little time in life

Villa Sampaguita

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