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Pectin NH in the UK


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Dear eGulleteers,

I was hoping to lay hands on some Pectin NH (or is it NH Pectin in English?) to rustle up some pâtes de fruits. Does anyone know where to get hold of it in reasonable (i.e. not humongous) quantities, please?



(PS I did try Googling but either my skills are not up to scratch or there isn't any or what the French call pectine NH masquerades under a different name over here...)


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Richard - pectin NH is available in Australia at the Melbourne Food and Ingredient Depot in Australia


I know that seems a silly response to your question about a UK supplier :smile: but as you mentioned, you don't need much, so it would be fairly cheap to transport if you are in a pinch. Alternatively, the MFID are very friendly people and (from memory) source their pectin NH from Germany, so they may be able to put you onto a European source - but I don't know for sure.

Edited to add: http://www.mfcd.net/store/product.asp?pID=1167&cID=71

The link seems to indicate a German source for their pectin NH

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hi, for anything like this, I would recommend classic fine foods http://www.classicfinefoods.co.uk/, they stock luois francois products which are usually 1kg.

as for the pate de fruit, maybe pectine jaune (yellow pectin) is more suitable due to its non-thixotropic properties.

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