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Preserved limes

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As I was topping off my first jar of preserved lemons (discussed at great and very educational length over here...EG Preserved Lemons thread ) the thought occurred to me that the same technique might work with limes. At least in my mind it would :hmmm: .

Has anyone ever tried it? And if so, was it a success?

I love the flavor of lime juice/zest even more than lemons, and if I could apply the same process to the little green beauties, I'd be a happy, happy girl.


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I recently bought a book by Tanja Grandits (Restaurant Stucki, Basel, Switzerland http://www.stuckibasel.ch/index.php?en_home - awarded 18 GM and 1 Michelin star). She does a rather colorful cuisine using a lot of spices and herbs from the surrounding meadows and forests - fusing techniques from all over the world.

She features a preserved limes recipe in her book Aroma Pur (available in german, only - as far as i know). I haven't tried it out. The procedure is straight forward using the same process as when preserving lemons. Cut, salt, cover with lime juice, (add optional spices) turn every few days, let rest. Good luck - I am curious too hear about the results!

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I've done this and very nice they were too. Just pick your favorite preserved lemon recipe and do the same with limes. Due to size differences you way need to scale quantitys if the recipie in not weight or volume based.

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if I could apply the [preserved lemons] process to the little green beauties, I'd be a happy, happy girl.

I predict happiness in your future. We too love limes, and they work just as you might hope.

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