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Question about packaged hot links .....

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I was wandering around H.E B. today and i couldnt help noticing all the packaged hot links they had. they even had the links from Southside Market in Elgin.

So..... my question is...... are those packaged links from Southside market as good as you get when you get them at the market?

are they the same thing? or do they have some added preservatives and stuff for sale in grocery stores that might make them taste different?

if anyone has had them please chime in.... i would love to know.


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Both of the HEB-stocked Elgin sausages, Meyers and Southside, need to be at least grilled preferably smoked at 200-220F for 1-1.5 hours (which can be hard for teverage smoker)(. A large portion of their ingredients is tripe, which doesn't have much flavor. That still doesn't explain 100% why they suck so bad when cooked indoors, IMO. I think they're just naturally bland and need all the help they can get. I remember one brand was slightly better cooked indoors than the other, but it was still not significant. The third and fourth (and last time) I did them outside on the grill, then smoker per above and they were much better, but still not great,but...

Disclaimer: I have never eaten at Meyers or Southside and I tend to like my smoking sausage overspiced compared to many if the recipes I've seen and some that I've tried.


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Thanks for telling me that. I was thinking that they would be the same. i dont have a smoker at the moment because it seems usless to me when i can drive over to any number of great pits and get what i want. LOL

i am definitely not a cook.

thanks again for your post.

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