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wholesale grocers in sydney

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does anyone know some wholesale grocers which sell bulk (over 10kg) bags of strong bakers' flour and oils? my regular supplier has stopped bringing in strong bakers' flour, which is my favourite bread and pizza flour and i need to find somewhere else to purchase it.

all other bits and pieces would be lovely, too.


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In north-west Sydney I like


Last year I ordered 25kg of flour from Santos Trading - it's not bad, but it's not the bakers' flour you're after.

This morning I did a web search and after some poking I found: Plateau Foods. They carry Manildra and Allied Mills bakers' flour in 12.5kg AND although they're a wholesaler you don't need an ABN to buy from them. I've never used them, but their Silverwater warehouse is open on Saturdays, so you could at least get a sense of the place.

I also understand there's a place in Artarmon called Oriental and Continental Foods that might carry what you're after. I haven't been there myself, but I think I've seen it mentioned elsewhere on eGullet.

Oriental and Continental Foods, 41-43 Carlotta Street, Artarmon, 9906 8990

Bits and pieces:

Dijon Foods - Unit 6, 8 Gladstone Road Castle Hill (they also have a shop in Carringbah)

They also do restaurant supply, so it's a mix of huges tins of sliced beetroot and other more 'gourmet' products. They also have some refrigerated/frozen stuff. I find their prices for nuts are really good (no flour supplies so far as I can recall).

Martelli's Fruit Market Rouse Hill - next to Coles

They have a pretty amazing range of products (across several ethnicities) and I love having a wander. They're also generally got really good fruit & veg.

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thanks, snadra!

i'l try santos and plateau - i used to get my flour from oriental, but they are inconsistent and last time i called they didn't sound like they would stock it anymore.

i've been to martelli's and dijon - both a bit of fun to shop at.

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I was just going through the Good Living section from the Sydney Morning Herald, and this store, Honest to Goodness, was mentioned as a source of quinoa.

I checked them out, and they do have Bakers Flour. I've never used them, but if 5kg is more useful to you than 12 or 25, it might come in handy. Actually, I've never come across them on my searches for organic food - and I thought I was rather good at web searches!

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thanks again, snadra!

i rang them today to find out if they would allow me to do wholesale (yes...yay!), so i'm going to go and have a look as soon as i get the time.

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