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Hi Marc

Who is the new hot chef in Modena??? Sounds exciting. I was aiming

to spend some time in Bologna where there seems to be a plethora

of good traditional places.

I will be based in Rimini so looking to find some jewels so to speak.

Does this guy in Modena cook in the modern style that you do ?? Would

be interesting to try some modern Italian.

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hi there,

yes i`am looking forward to eating classic and traditional food around parma to balance my trip to modena did think also of returning to calandre but that is stretching my short trip a little too much the chef in modena is called

Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana who rose into the top 10 in the 50 best restaurants this year so really looking forward to trying his food, have you booked anywhere to eat yet?

regards marc

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