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Chicago - Bars near Fairmont Millenium Park


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I will be staying at the Fairmont Millenium Park for a conference and am hoping for recommendations for bars or restaurants w/ bars preferably within walking distance for post dinner drinks. I already have dinners for the week planned but hope to meet up with co-workers and friends after dinner.


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Aria is a restaurant in the Fairmont itself, and I like the restaurant as well as the bar. The food in the restaurant is primarily pan-Asian, although they also have some steaks and other American items on the menu. Last time I had dinner there I had an excellent smoked prime rib. As for Aria's bar area, it's a classy hotel bar type place in its own separate room(s), somewhat subdued rather than raucous, don't know if that's what you're looking for.

If you're looking for a more festive type place with lots of young folks, Sunda is another pan-Asian restaurant with a lot of sushi on the menu, and you can go there for the bar too. It's about four blocks walk from the Fairmont.

Also about four blocks walk from the Fairmont is Bin 36, the wine bar and restaurant in Marina City (the "corn cob buildings").

One more bar/restaurant recommendation is Park Grill, on Michigan Avenue at the entrance to Millennium Park, a couple blocks from the Fairmont. Good American food (straddling the fence between contemporary American and conventional comfort food) with good burgers, and the bar is a good place to meet for drinks (as are all these places).

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Just around the corner, on Randolph, is Tavern at the Park. Pretty much equidistant in the opposite direction, you've got an outpost of the Palm in the Swissotel. Nearby on Michigan (in the Hard Rock Hotel) there's a China Grill. There's not a ton to recommend about any of them as restaurants, but all have decent bars. In my opinion, Tavern has the better of the food, but if I want something from John Hogan I'll happily walk a few more blocks to Keefer's (my favorite steakhouse in the city, and a nice enough bar as well).

For something much more low key, there's Lizzie McNeill's, just over the river. No food that I know of (besides the free popcorn) but it is "The Only Irish Pub on the Chicago River".

Tavern at the Park

130 E. Randolph



323 E. Wacker


China Grill

230 N. Michigan



20 W. Kinzie


Lizzie McNeill's

400 N. McClurg Ct.


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