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Sunday Night in Denver

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Last year we had a great dinner at Rioja, which I wrote about here. (There are other suggestions on that topic, although most are a few years old.)

It sounds as if they still do the tasting menu; if so, I recommend it -- with the wine pairing.

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I'd say "anywhere Ian Kleinman is cooking," but since leaving O's, he seems to be catering and hosting the occasional dinner for hushDenver. However, in a recent Westworld interview, he named Opus as his favorite Denver restaurant, and also cited 1515 and New Saigon. Opus seems especially interesting, and a recommendation from Kleinman is trustworthy.

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- Ask Chef Thanawat Bates to do a tasting for you at Palace Arms of The Brown Palace Hotel. I thought the food in his special spontaneous tasting menus were great about 3 years ago, and I just read a recent review that his food is even better.

- Food & Wine Magazine just also named the chef at Fruition a "Best New Chef"

- Restaurant Kevin Taylor always has young creative chefs in the kitchen, that might be a spot to check out as well.

If you can make the trip out to Boulder (about 40 minutes) , then go there and eat at Frasca Food & Wine. This would be my number one choice, the restaurant is superb in all aspects.

"cuisine is the greatest form of art to touch a human's instinct" - chairman kaga

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