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Harissa "du Cap bon"

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Hi all

I buy harissa in little tins over here in the UK.

The braqnd I buy is harissa "du cap bon" and it comes in a little yellow/gold tin.

Now I'm quite a chilli fetishist, but this stuff is insanely hot, and with it doesn't have much by way of flavour, just immense heat.

I'm made harissa before from recipes of varying intricacy and complication and they've all turned out fine.

I'm starting to think the stuff I am buying is come kind of concentrate and I'm doing it wrong. So question is , has anyone used this stuff? Am i doing it wrong, should I be adding other stuff in?


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I use the same harissa, in tubes ("Le Phare du Cap Bon" from Tunisia). My understanding is that the concentrate (what we buy) is meant to be used sparingly, and with more harissa ingredients (cumin, coriander seed and leaf) added, as you would use curry paste perhaps. If I use it in marinades, it's about a tablespoon per serving, with olive oil or lemon juice or both. It is very nice and fiery! :-)

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