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Best Coffee Snack....


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I'm partial to biscotti of any variety, though I'll suffer through some sort of chocolate candy if I really have to - SKOR bars go amazingly well with coffee :smile: .

I buy the bags of mini Daims at Ikea and have learned to, as my coffee is brewing, dole out three candies from the bag and then to seal it and put it away. The putting away of the bag is very important, because if it remains within reach then I end up with a small mountain of red wrappers before my coffee is finished.

I have not yet learned how to do that, and always end up with a small mountain of red wrappers - and I can unwrap those suckers quickly.

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Buenos Aires does inspire breaking all rules, esp when it comes to food. :biggrin: (Great picture, by the way!) I love the medialunas with a cafe con leche. Nothing like it anywhere else!

That crumb cake looks scrumptious. I'd love the recipe. Thank you!

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stroopwaffle&cafe con Leche.JPG

Stroopwaffle with cafe con leche (unsweetened as the stroopwaffle is sweet enough as it is).

I ordered a box after posting the link and they arrived this morning.


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I vote for a square of date nut bread with a piped-on flourish of cream cheese.

Oh yes.......date & nut bread with CC....got go make some ASAP. Anyone got a recipe ? LOL Got the CC already.

edited for grammar & spelling. I do it 95% of my posts so I'll state it here. :)

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