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Chris Hennes

Best Fast Food Burger

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I've never been to a Freddy's I'm guessing they aren't a lot like S'n'S if people really like to go there. The only thing good about S'n'S is that their prices are very reasonable (cheap). Actually, their fries and shakes are quite good also but I certainly can't give their burgers a very high mark. They are very thin, greasy and flavorless.

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@Chimayo Joe


there seems to be a Smash near me


I might take many Hits for the Team and take a Taste


for me




for the SmokeShake


do not buy SS fries


they are terrible


stop at a 5 Guys and get your Potato Fix there


will not be disappointed in either case.

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Smashburger has a burger with cheese, guacamole, and fresh jalapenos. It's pretty good. I dislike the shoestring fries though. 


I had Freddy's once, a few years back in Manhattan, KS when my daughter was at K-State. Seemed ok, nothing too memorable. 


There's a Shake Shack that opened about a mile from our house here in Lexington. Haven't been yet. 

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