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The Ladies Who Lunch (Part 1)

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Hi all,

I have a few lunch reports to make.

Just after the first of the year, we satisfied a craving for burgers with a lunch visit to Tookie's in Seabrook. No photos this time but the burgers were just as delicious as posted in the past.

In late February we drove over to San Leon and had lunch at the TopWater Grill. First visit in a year!

I started with the Calamari Rings and we forgot to take any photos before we started to eat!


My GF had the Lobster Bisque. Sorry no photo!

For our mains, I had their Grilled Shrimp Salad with honey mustard dressing,


and my GF had their Cobb Salad with ranch dressing. Both salads were very fresh and delicious!


This week we visited a place new to us, Farley Girl's in Galveston. We loved this place! Great service from the staff, really good food, and free validated parking. We will definitely be returning soon!


I had their Classic Cobb Salad


and my GF had their French Dip.


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Those are some fine looking salads.

We have a little catching up to do too - I've been a little lax.

Last week Anna and I headed down to Buffalo and had lunch with Patris. The restaurant was Ambrosia.


Patty had skordalla, gigarrtes (lima beans in tomato sauce) and tzatziki.


I opted for something called Ambrosia chicken - kind of chicken croutons on a salad.


Anna - the western sandwich.

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Anna and I headed off to Toronto for the second time this week (Monday we went to the Canadian Food and Restaurant Association show). We managed to find the hides I needed to re-cover my 65 year old sofa in short order - which gave us the opportunity to hit Momofuku Noodle Bar before the hordes descended.


Of course we had to try the pork buns.


Ginger scallion noodles for me.


momofuku ramen for Anna


Burdock salad with tamarind, chili and tofu.


Cauliflower with white kimchi and crispy noodle.

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Last week we were running around in Burlington and decided to drop in to Pomelo - one of our favourites.


Surprise, surprise.


Anna decided to try spring roll Bun again after our initial disappointment with it - and was rewarded!


I opted for the Tom Yum pho - chock full of seafood.

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Today Anna and I headed to Niagara College to make some arrangements for the upcoming chocolate workshop and decided to head to Niagara Falls to have lunch at Hotai - an amazing Japanese restaurant that I have reported on here before. Sadly - it didn't open until 4 - so we had to go elsewhere.

Our choice today was Pho Xyclo.


This is a really crunchy spring roll inside a salad roll - excellent juxtaposition.


We thought we might be disappointed in this rendition of calamari with onion, peppers and chili's - but it was excellent.


Pho ga with some rare beef for me.


Pho 104 for Anna - not sure what was in there.


The usual accompaniments.

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No photos, but frankly it wasn't a photogenic meal. I dined solo at a vegetarian Indian buffet for lunch. Had a fairly limited offering, but everything was interesting and had differing spice levels, I tried a spoonful of everything. Sweet and sour broccoli (sort of odd, the coating/sauce seemed like tomato paste base), some kind of daal, paneer makhni, some kind of cabbage dish (chopped up very fine and mixed with carrots), vada (crispy and not too doughy), aloo gobi, basmati rice. Dessert was pineapple halwa (the one item not of a browish/beige color!).

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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Kerry and I headed up to Waterloo last Monday to investigate a going-out-of-business sale. After spending far too much money (the proprietor was someone we both knew and liked) we went in search of lunch. Our first choice, a Japanese restaurant familiar to Kerry, was closed at lunch so we let the GPS decide our lunch destination.

I’m embarrassed to say that I do not remember the name of the restaurant. I did grab a take-out menu but even that seems to have disappeared. Perhaps Kerry’s memory is better than mine and she will fill in the blanks.

We opted for a selection of appetizers this time.

A complimentary bowl of chicken and cabbage soup:

chicken and cabbage soup.jpg

Chicken laarb:


Calamari (of course):

crispy squid.jpg

Thai beef jerky:

thai beef jerky.jpg

Crispy rolls:


Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

Our 2012 (Kerry Beal and me) Blog

My 2004 eG Blog

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I've been a little lax in posting! I'll get today's lunch up first then catch up on the last few weeks.

I was down in Buffalo today - had lunch with patris - ate at a little place called "Manakeesh and More". Patty has a talent for finding these fabulous little places.


Cheese manakeesh


Baba ganoush, hummus and a minty tabbouleh.


Lamb kabob in a pita - forgot the picture before I started to eat



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Yesterday Anna, myself and my SIL went out shopping at the Asian stores for some staples.

Lunch at a lovely little Japanese/Korean place that had at one time been a pub judging from the layout. We've eaten there before and enjoyed it immensely.


Look at this gorgeous menu cover.


A couple of different soups to start - the one on the left contained the little knot of noodles and some of the fried batter pieces from the tempura. A nice umami hit.




Squid bits.




Katsu bento.


Donburi bento.


Teriyaki bento.

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Last week Anna and I returned to Sakai - a Burlington restaurant we have always enjoyed.


A libation for Anna.


Tea for me.


The classic miso soup and salad.


The hot broth.


Shabu shabu fixings. Provided lunch for two and a nice soup dinner for me at work later that day.

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I take it this means you've recovered from the chocolate weekend, and are ready to eat again after the meal Saturday night?

Indeed - I've eaten quite a few times since then!

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Two weeks ago we found ourselves in Waterdown at lunch time and hit the Coachman Pub - where we have usually had quite an enjoyable meal.


Poutine for Anna


Curry on chips for me.

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Last week we were running around in Burlington - and decided to hit one of our old standbys - Pomelo. Can always be counted on to provide a satisfying lunch.


App plate - with calamari of course.


Wonton pho for Anna.


Tom kha for me.

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We spent the day in the Grimbsy/Beamsville area. We hit a couple of thrift stores - I found a gorgeous ginger jar made by Sadler (the folks who make my brown betty tea pots).

Lunch was at August in Beamsville.


Bread basket.


Seafood gratin and a very nice smoked ham and lentil soup.


Ragout of beef on spaetzle.

It was quite dark - and I realize that I was a tad out of focus.

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Nice one, Kerry. August is where we always stop for lunch on our way into Niagara wine country. (And where we stopped for lunch on our way down for the chocolate conference!)

Edited to add: In case you've never had it, their Reuben sandwich is quite good!

Edited by mkayahara (log)

Matthew Kayahara



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