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David G

Is the ITHQ worth the wait?

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Hello all!

I'm planning on going into a cooking school next school year (2010-2011), and the earliest semester I'd be able to apply for, at the ITHQ, would be the winter semester in 2011. I have the opportunity to apply to PearsonSkills in professional cooking for the Fall semester of 2010 because their application date is later, and I was wondering this:

Would it be better for me, as a person who wants to become a professional chef, to go to the Pearson school, and get my Diploma of Vocational Studies there, since it's only a year long course (1350hrs @ 8hrs/day), as opposed to the year and a half course given by the ITHQ, allowing me to move on quicker, OR is it better for me to wait and go with the ITHQ?

If I did the Pearson School, I would get my diploma in late spring of 2011.

If I went to the ITHQ, I would get the diploma in late spring of 2012.

Is the ITHQ a good enough school for me to wait an extra semester, and get my diploma a year later?

Please feel free to ask any questions!


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