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Restaurant Trio, Malmö (Sweden)


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For an evening out without the children, my husband and I went to the recommended Restaurant Trioin Malmö, onlu ½ hour by train from Copenhagen. The proces are swedish, but the standard is as high as in any of the top restaurants in Copenhagen - If it was in a capitol city, the Michelin men would have come by......

The theme is nordic/molecular without going overboard, and 8 courses + 8 wines went for SKR 1700.

The highlights of the dinner were the variations of beetroot with oyster emulsion, the cod with wood ear mushroom and caramelised onion jus, the perfectly poached egg on mashed, eel flavoured potatoes with crispy eel skin and crisp potato shreds and finally the first dessert of cowberry sorbet, fennel seed cream and salty merengue.

Everything was perfectly executed, and the wines complemented the food beatifully and it is not the least stuck up - I love fine food, but will not consider a restaurant a cathedral, because I am there to enjoy myself.

The full menu consisted of (in the usual style :wink: ):

Scallops, rosehip, marrow and cress

Beetroot, oyster, seaweed and elder berry

Langustine, sea buck-thorn, brown butter and cabbage

Cod, field garlic and wood ear

Egg, potatoes and eel

Deer, cauliflower, juniperberry and leek ash

Cowberry, fennel and salty merengue

Apple, rye bread, caramel and fresh goats cheese

It was a gorgeous evening and i highly recommend Restaurant Trio :-)

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This sounds fabulous! I just emailed for a reservation. Could you give me some further advice for a Copenhagen trip? I posted this question on the Copenhagen thread and maybe it's best to have the discussion there? Thanks so much for the tip!

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