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Anniversary dinner in Paris


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I'm looking for ideas for an anniversary dinner on a Wednesday evening. Would like somewhere warm and friendly rather than stylish or stuffy, market style cooking but perhaps taken to a higher, more creative level, where well-sourced ingredients are allowed to shine and sometimes there's an odd surprise to freshen the tastebuds.

Or just traditional stuff done very well time and again - somewhere reliable. Surroundings that are pleasing to the eye, not too crowded or noisy, with friendly, efficient service.

We particularly like fish and seafood (sustainably sourced, even better!), so suggestions leaning that way are welcome.

Price isn't so much an issue, but if we do splash out we want to feel like it's been worth it.

Previously we've enjoyed Spring, L'Ecailler du Bistrot, Le Baratin, Le Square Trousseau, La Cagouille, Pramil... I'm not saying these necessarily fit my description above, I just mention them to give you an idea of my 'restaurant personality profile' !

We're thinking of Chateaubriand, but I'm worried it may have suffered from the hype and have a 'you must be this cool to eat here' rule.

In return, here's a decent formule place if you're ever stuck for lunch near Port Clignancourt (sorry it's not more exciting but we haven't been in town long. Promise to post more soon!):

Le Point Bar, 99 rue Championnet (corner Rue Ruisseau)

http://www.dixhuitinfo.com/spip.php?article170 (in French)

plat 8,50e, 2 courses 10,50e. Simple but well cooked dishes like jarret de boeuf and lentils, starters such as pates and homemade soups. Had a fab apple crumble. Very friendly staff, always with a smile.

Thanks all


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You did mention that you enjoyed seafood. With that being said I could highly recommend Christian Constant's Fables de la Fontaine. A comfortable, small place with an excellent seafood reputation. Reservations a must, of course.


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