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Braun KM32 Multi Processor Accessories


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for the past 2 years I've been hoarding a Braun meat grinder attachment and a slicing attachment.

Even though when I found them I had no particular use for them, they were made such a classic Braun fashion (quality plastic, the telltale green tops and the cast aluminum bodies) that I figured the matching base might show up someday.

And finally, finally at the Sally Anne on Monday Bingo! the Holy Grail! A clean, functioning M32 Multiprocessor base with bowl, whisks and dough hook.

So, now that I have an almost complete set, I need to press harder for the few missing bits.

Does anyone have any of the above banging around in the kitchen drawer?

1) I have only one slicing insert. (the medium grater)

2) there is supposed to be a tray with plunger that fits into the meat grinder feedtube. I can improvise but it would be nice to have the complete set.

those are the main bits, (a friend's mother is donating her pasta making attachment from her own 70s set)

though I could eventually use the blender attachment.

any ideas on sources?

many thanks


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