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Cooking with unflavored protein isolate


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For various reasons I'm interested in using Protein Isolate for nutrition and potential healthful benefits. I'm looking for some advice from people skilled in food chemistry or just plain well informed :). Protein isolate is non-denatured protein. From what I have read through normal web searching I've found that people think it perfectly acceptable to cook with isolate. However, I have to believe that heat will denature the proteins. Does anyone know or have an opinion on whether denaturing the protein would simply have the effect of changing its texture or would it also effect it's nutritional or antioxidant affects?

Basically, I wont bother cooking with it if it reduces the value. Otherwise its very inexpensive protein and blends with anything.

BTW: I use bulk and NOW brand unflavored Whey Isolate.

My soup looked like an above ground pool in a bad neighborhood.

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