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Three Stars to Lunch in Paris...

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Not sure TBH. Fairly young guy maybe mid 30's. There was a darker haired guy and a lighter haired guy around the same age. He was the lighter haired one. And he was really really passionate. I think that's what I loved about him. He genuinely loved what they were doing there and really did want to work for the guests.

The older guy at Ledoyen was a little bit cranky. They couldn't find our reservation at the beginning of the meal, sat us down anyway and later on in the meal he came up and said there is no record for our reservation. Yeah. Thanks.... :rolleyes: I'm sure that it was only so that they had a record for the next time (which we will) we come but still... Older guys out front annoy me a little. They seem not to be able to keep up with younger waitstaff, are a little bit crankier and I think they may have been in the industry too long.

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Hi all. Thought I'd reactivate this post instead of starting a new one. Slightly different slant on it this time though...

Having travelled to Paris with work every other week for the last 2 years my role is changing meaning I'll be stuck in the UK... :sad:

However I have a couple of trips remaining and one where the better half is joining me. Can anyone please recommend the best 3* deal for lunch for us to go to (or even dinner if I don't need to take out a mortgage...)? Up until now I've stuck to touring the nouvou bistro's (Le Regalade, Spring, La Chemise, Le Chateaubriand etc...) but I think we need to experience a true Paris 3* as one last hurrah!! I've tried to do some research and have heard Ledoyen is a pretty good deal but not sure what it includes (and struggling to find decent websites for any Paris 3*'s).

Anyway, hope you get the idea of my query and thanks in advance.


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