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Almost local news: Eyvind Hellstrøm quits at Bagatelle; Oslo's and

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It had been brewing for quite a while, rumours within the community, but on saturday it was official:

Eyvind Hellstrøm, Norway's "Grand Chef" resigns at Bagatelle, effective 01 Jan. 2010. Reason listed as inreconcilable differences with the major shareholder the financial tycoon and investor Christen Sveaas.


The news dominated the front page of "Dagens Næringsliv", considered Norways leading financial newspaper.

Lots of debate has followed in all major media including televised talkshows.

Bagatelle's future now hangs in a rather thin thread, which might just have snapped when it earlier today was announced that the entire(!) staff has resigned simultaneously effective Jan 1st as well.


For those not in then know: Eyvind's position within the restaurant world in Norway is a combo of Paul Bocuse and Gordon Ramsay. Uncompromising, free-spoken, but at the same time rock solid.

He's reluctant about the future, but it will definetely include a restaurant of som sorts. Maybe a bistronomic approach?

As one of Norway's other leading chefs pointed out (Bjørn Svensson of 1* Oscars gate): "Eyvind would be able to make a hot dog stand interesting".

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It would be interesting to see Hellstrøm open a more casual bistro-type of restaurant, something in the spirit of what he advocates on his TV-show. It will also be interesting to see who steps up, now that the throne is (at least temp.) vacant. There has been rumours of Renaa in Stavanger and a big restauranthouse in Oslo opening, so Im looking forward to 2010. Hellstrøm is still Hellstrøm, so no matter what he does next, it will probably inspire this and the next generation of Norwegian cooks.

But Im curious to hear Sveaas' side of the story...

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