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Buster Rhino's


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I met with a group of BBQ lovers at Buster Rhino's, Thickson and Wentworth, Whitby today (Dec. 5) for a tasting of his wares. There were about 25 of us, filling the small dining area. By sheer co-incidence, a rave review of B.R. appeared in the National Post on the morning of our event.


The tasting began with candied bacon, cheese stuffed jalepeno's and bacon wrapped sausage, double smoked


Skewered Smoked Pork


Pulled Pork, fresh slaw atop


Slow Smoked Brisket (Wow!)


Double Smoked Brisket Lasagna


Proprietor and Chef,

Darryl and Scott


The finale to this amazing event was succulent slow smoked ribs, as in the top photo.

Everyone agreed it was an awesome feed, and the review in the Post was confirmed.

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Just a note for other readers who may be tempted to rush there.

This is basically a 'factory outlet' and the opening hours are very inconvenient for most diners (except locals). For example it's NOT open evenings at all.

And check carefully for lunch (I prefer Fridays).

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The highlights for me include the candied bacon, simply irresistible, I could eat a whole chip bag full of those. The brisket and ribs both needed zero sauce, saucing it would've just masked the true smokey flavours. They're using a Southern Pride smoker correct?

The drive out was a pain in the arse, but it was at the end of the day very much worth it. I ate way too much meat for my own good. Have been detoxing w/ lots of veg as a result.

I think they open till 8pm from Wed-Fri. There is also a wing special on Wed if I recall, would love to try that.

"The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel." - Horace Walpole

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O_O looks tasty. How's that pulled pork? I have good memories from my trip to Austin, but that was eons ago and many bad pulled-pork imitations later...

though, I really don't know when I'll make it out there.

The pulled pork was not quite as good as the brisket on this day. I would ask for juicy and fatty rather than lean. The slaw and sauce were excellent, as always.

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Sigh. The search for pulled pork continues. Or I need to just go back to Austin.

I don't want to misrepresent B.R.'s pulled pork, but on this day it was very good, just not as superb as the previous time, when I took the take out to the nearby lakefront conservation area for a tailgate lunch. It was big, juicy and voluptuous, and I had it with sauce, not slaw as in the photo.

At the tasting, everyone remarked that the brisket was superb, right on its game.

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