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The Worst Steakhouses

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But in some defense of the OPs point....or somebody's point anyway. If a dish is on the menu it ought to be up to the standards of the restaurant. If Peter Luger doesn't want to do fish well then Peter Luger shouldn't sell it.

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About the only thing I can contribute to this discussion is to observe that the shrimp cocktail and bluepoint oysters with cranberry sauce (peppery as well as sweet-tart) that Union Trust served as freebie appetizers for the last Our Night Out there were quite good, and if that is indicative of how that steakhouse treats non-steak fare, then you might want to give that place a try. Judging from Katie's comments above, they could use the business (which may have been why they chose to host Our Night Out, which in a typical month causes some 200-plus gay men and lesbians, most quite thirsty, to descend on some lucky restaurant's bar for cocktails, appetizers and networking).

But as far as non-ethnic, non-haute cuisine, non-steakhouse high-end dining is concerned: Could some of you give me some examples of this phenomenon other than The American Restaurant?

Sandy Smith, Exile on Oxford Circle, Philadelphia

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