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Good desserts to make for a dessert party?


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Whatever can be done ahead of time is definitely preferable. I don't mind heating any items up, either, as long as there aren't too many.

Items I'm considering doing:

egg nog



pecan pie

pound cake

chocolate cake


something fruity (oranges are in season now, right?)

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You can make pate a choux shells for mini eclairs or creme puffs ahead of time, then fill the day of the event.

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Something chocolate (chocolate cake)

Something with nuts (pecan pie)

Something with fruit

Something with citrus


Something cake-like (chocolate cake, pound cake)

Something smooth and creamy (egg nog, cheesecake)

Something crisp (biscotti)

Something with chew (pecan pie)


And of course colours, you don't want it to all be beige/brown.

The items you've listed are in brackets so you can see what gaps you need to fill. You're right oranges are in season and you could incorporate orange in your pound cake. Cranberries are plentiful right now so you may want to use them for the fruit dessert. Or you could make vanilla bean cheesecake and serve it with a cranberry compote instead of adding another dessert. Hope this helps.

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Biscotti hold well made ahead of time.

Cookie dough freezes really well. Either freeze logs to slice & bake later. Or make drop cookies, freeze lumps of unbaked dough on parchment, then pop into zip-lock bag. Bake right from freezer.

Brownie/bar cookies generally freeze really well. Just bake, cool completely, do NOT slice, wrap well (in several layers) & freeze. Thaw, still well wrapped, on the counter, then slice.

Cheesecake also works well. Bake, cool, wrap well (I would box so wrapping doesn't stick, then wrap box in several layers) & freeze. This time, move wrapped package to fridge to thaw and slice with clean knife dipped in hot water and wiped dry. Cheesecake squares are great for this.

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When I do a dessert party, I always include a cheese tray and some fruit. Frosted grapes make a nice presentation.

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Trifle! Covers the creamy fruity side nicely, and it's quick and holds up well. I do a major cheat version with bought pound cake, vanilla pudding from a box (with a slosh of extra pure vanilla extract for a bit of a kick, also a bit of grated nutmeg, ditto) :cool:, frozen mixed berries (fresh, if available are wonderful!) and (gasp) :shock: cool whip over the top. Naturally you can use real whipped cream, but then the dish would have to stay refrigerated, or the cream will collapse. If you're not planning on kids, a nice dollop of sherry or madera (sp?) over the cake is always good. If you object to the gussied-up approach, make your own cake and pudding, then definately use the whipped cream, for fancy. I always macerate the berries in a bit of sugar and wine, because frozen berries are usually pretty bleak; then I use the macerating liquid on the cake.

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