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Dining in Seoul


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We occassionally go for lunch to this little place where the chef/owner is Korean.  His specialty is Korean fried chicken (delicious) but he also has several fire chicken dishes.  Thanks to you,  I now have an inkling of what that is.

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Wowzers!  Absolutely brilliant.  So many items I have no clue as to what they are.  I wish we had 'internet-smell" capabilities.  How long did you spend at the market?

Thank you for sharing your adventures, much appreciated.

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Ha! I sampled the tiny clams done that way at local Korean market that puts out lot of samples on the weekend. I bought  a container because they were so so good. FIrst time I've ever had anything close to food poisoning,,,,but...they are so good that I sample them every weekend if they are on offer- no issues but then I've not consumed a whole tub again.

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A few more eats; hotteok crispy brown sugar and walnut pancakes (with lipstick!), some beautifully fatty BBQ, more fried chicken doused in butter powder and curry powder, peach soju, black raspberry wine and a delicious Korean-Chinese meal of jjangmyeon black bean noodles, ma po tofu, and shredded pork and leeks with steamed buns.













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Beautiful looking food.  Now here comes what to some people might be a dumb question and I ask because I have never heard of it:  Is butter powder what I think it is, that is, butter with all the liquid removed?  

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No filing, they're plain and just for eating/mopping up juices with.


On the home stretch now, folks! I'm flying back to Sydney tomorrow afternoon but a time for a few more good eats between now and then..


Today; a wee snack of kkultarae, Korean dragon beard's candy; strands and strands of spun sugar wrapped around a filling of sugared peanuts and almonds:



Some delicious BBQ at Baekjeong (all ladies!) with neuk gan sal intercostal rib meat (my favourite cut), some highly marbled beef flap, pork neck, spicy chilli pork and an ingenious egg-moat poured around a channel in the side of the pan, for either dipping your meat into, or letting it cook up into a nice fluffy omelette:








A brief stop at 'World Dumpling Day' in Lotte Department store:




And, uh, that classic Korean dessert, Fauchon eclairs..




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5 degrees Celsius here, and pathetic Australians start dying at anything under 10 Celsius, so had galbi jjim at Gangnam Myeondok in an attempt to warm up; beef short ribs and king mushrooms braised in soy sauce and honey, soooo meltingly tender. And tofu mandu dumplings.


And a whole bottle of soju. 








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And last meal before the airport..


Why yes, Korea, you land of twisted geniuses, I know it's only 9am, but I WOULD like a moat of molten cheese poured around my cauldron of fire-hot chicken and ramyun noodles for breakfast. Delicious!






Anyway, thanks for reading, everyone! It's been lovely sharing it all with you!




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