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Pierre Koffman

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From the story:

Chef Koffmann Seeking Restaurant Site in West End of London

Pierre Koffmann, the three-Michelin- star chef currently cooking at a temporary restaurant on the roof of Selfridges department store, has engaged advisers to help him find a property in the West End of London.

Chris Amirault

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He has clearly found an investor(s), or given the outstanding success of the pop up decided that the risk is greatly diminished, so is putting his own money in.

Very good luck to him, and if its going to be brasserie fare, that trotter and every other dish should be decidedly cheaper than what it is at the pop up

So good news all around :smile:


"So many places, so little time"



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Haven't we been through this before, several times ever since he closed LTC? Has he finally found a backer, after all we know he doesn't want to risk his own money?

we know what?

he's always had the backing.

what he doesn't have is the legs.

A meal without wine is... well, erm, what is that like?

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