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Sadaharu Aoki


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Hi I've been looking around the internet for any cookbooks by Sadaharu Aoki because his desserts are mind blowing but it seems that he doesn't have any cookbooks. Does anyone have a recipe for a matcha eclair or matcha opera cake like his? I am also interested in any other of his recipes you might have. His desserts are stunning.


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Unfortunately, there aren't any cookbooks, but there are some ways to get *some* recipes.

1. If you check out the official website, he does offer classes on how to make some pastries. These are held in Tokyo. A friend could perhaps pick up some stuff for you.

2. Sometimes the recipes get published in magazines. Already I found one for Matcha Madeleines.

3. There's already been a blog entry by someone attempting to copy the matcha opera, but the recipe has been taken down. It seems easy enough to experiment with.


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I hope he will publish a book soon.

Here is a recipe for his cake called Valencia


For a frame 550 x 355 mm and 45 mm high

Light orange cream

200g orange jam

120g Cognac

420g orange juice

100g concentrated orange purée

20g de zest d'orange

10g lemon zests

15g milk powder

60g sugar

180g egg yolks

20g gélatine

80g egg whites

120g sugar

Mix the orange jam and the brandy together. Strain it and freeze.

Make an anglaise with the orange juice, concentrated orange puree, orange zests, lemon zests, milk powder, sugar and egg yolks.

Off the fire, add the softened gelatine.

Make an Italian meringue with the egg whites and the sugar cooked at 120°C.

Mix the frozen orange jam and the custard.

And then add the Italian meringue to this preparation.

Milk chocolate cream

125g cream

125g milk

50g egg yolks

25g sugar

550g milk chocolate

500g whipping cream (whipped)

Make an anglaise with 125 g cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar.

Off the fire, pour the cream onto the chocolate and mix it.

Finally, add the whipped cream.

Orange Cognac syrup

300 g water

200 g sugar

200 g orange Cognac

Bring the water and the sugar to the boil.

Off the fire, add the orange Cognac.

Almond cacao sponge

230g almond paste

130g icing sugar

105g egg yolks

100g whole eggs

165g egg whites

46g sugar

53g clarified butter

50g cacao powder

26g flour

26g starch

Beat the almond paste and the icing sugar with a flat whisk.

Add the egg yolks and the whole eggs to make the preparation lighter.

Mix the egg whites and the sugar.

Fold the two mixture together. Add the clarified butter.

Finally, add the cacao powder, flour and starch and mix gently.

Pour it into a Flexipat® mat.

Bake in the oven at 200°C during 15 minutes.

Hazelnut dacquoise

250 g egg whites

100g sugar

180g almond powder

60g hazelnut powder

200g icing sugar

20g grilled chopped hazelnuts

Whisk the whites with the sugar.

Sift together the almond powder, hazelnut powder and icing sugar.

Incorporate gently the sifted mixture into the well-whipped preparation.

Pour into a Flexipat® mat and sprinkle some grilled chopped hazelnuts on top.

Bake in the oven at 180°C during 15 minutes.

Praliné feuilletine

125 g milk chocolate

500g almond and hazelnut powder

50 g butter

100g grilled and chopped hazelnuts

250g Pailleté Feuilletine

Melt the milk chocolate and mix with the almond and hazelnut praliné and the creamy butter.

Then add the grilled and chopped hazelnuts and Pailleté Feuilletine and mix gently.

Assembly in frame

Using a 550 x 355 x 45 mm frame, place first the hazelnut Dacquoise and then spread a thin layer of Praliné Feuilletine.

Sprinkle some grilled chopped hazelnuts.

Pour the milk chocolate cream on top, spread and smooth over.

Then place the almond cacao sponge soaked with the orange brandy syrup.

Pour the light orange cream and give relief with a spoon.

Freeze it.

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