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London Hotel Bars


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It is my girlfriends birthday coming up in December - we are going for a meal (probably at Dinings) and then would like to hit a couple of nice hotel bars.

She loves going to Hotel bars as a treat and over the years have been to:

Dorchester - She loved, nice and dark and intimate

1 Aldwich - Again she loved, for the great service and 'openness'

Claridges - Didnt like, too busy, wouldn't serve us in fumior

Mirror Bar at Lansdown - Too pricy and looked like someones front room

Covent Garden Hotl - Liked but poorly trained staff

Browns - Liked, probably the most relaxed - but maybe not 'special' enough

Hilton Hyde Park - Loved for the views, not been since it has turned into Galvin

I would like to try something new, any other recommendations?


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Sanderson for Philippe Stark cold coolness.

Galvin at Windows (Hilton Park Lane) - view is incredible. Good martini.

Soho Hotel (can't remember what the bar's called i'm afraid) - Great atmosphere

Sheraton Park Lane - Luxurious, swanky. Old School.

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oh sorry. Didn't see you'd already mentioned Galvins. For me, even though the view and martinis are good, the rest of it isn't that special.

Cheers for that countryboy.

Ive been to the sanderson, joined the scrum to get a seat-swing in the courtyard.

The Sheraton sounds good - we like a bit old-school.

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