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'Absolute Corkers' - Great Book For People Like Us

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I was sent a copy of this book to read. I get sent alot of books to have a look at, but this one is actually good. I'm really enjoying it. Written by a guy called Ned Halley, a wine writer of some repute. And a seemingly very amusing chap.'Absolute Corkers' is full of just that. Funny and informative stories about wine and the world of wine. This looks to be the Christmas bestseller for Dad's and anyone who likes wine and food et al.

Amazon are selling it

Takes a nice, unstuffy approach to wine, and actually leaves me feeling better informed about the subject.

I've got my copy in the loo already. And it'll be in my Dad's stocking too!!!! And then no doubt in his loo aswell.

I hope that link's worked, i'm rubbish at this.

If you get one, let me know what your favourite anecdote is. So far I think my favourite one is about Champagne. That bastion of French cultural pride. So why do they so many sound German? Bollinger, Heidsieck, Krug, Roederer etc etc. Because in the 18th Century the wine started to become popular and few of the French winemakers had the necessary skills to make the wine. SO what did they do? They got pros in from Germany to do it. And the wines were named after their makers because it wasn't fashionable for the owners to use their names.

How great is that?! Proudest product of France. And made by the Germans. I love it.

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How great is that?! Proudest product of France. And made by the Germans. I love it.

and invented by the british too, if you believe the counter story to that of dom perignon.

you don't win friends with salad

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Yeah, I remember that story.

Isn't it something to do with a guy leaving a bottle by a river, and coming back years later to find it had become fizzy?

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