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Who's on top in Toronto?

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After ten years working abroad my wife and I had decided to return to Toronto to settle down.

My only problem is that I haven't worked in Toronto in a decade, and have no freakin' idea who's in, out, hot, not, open, closed, and so on and so forth.

I'm a european trained chef and currently hold the rank of Exec. Chef at the hotel I'm employed at now. We will be re-locating in Februray and any input would be exceptionally helpful. I basically want to know who's worth my time, and who to avoid completely.


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Welcome AceBoy. There's all sorts of stuff happening in Toronto right now. Paul Bohmer is finally opening his own place, Claudio Aprile is also opening a new one. Jamie Kennedy sold his signature wine bar, and Michael Stadtlander is still up at the farm. What exactly are you looking for, to continue work in a hotel environment or a restaurant venue???

Barbara Laidlaw aka "Jake"

Good friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies.

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Thanks for the welocme.

I'm definitly staying out of hotels for awhile. And NO UNIONS. Not going through that again.

I'm looking for a restaurant position at either Sous, Exec. Sous or Chef de Cuisine. I'm classicaly French & Italian trained, but can pretty much cook anything. Would like to stick with my strengths, however.

Boehmer and Aprile's places sound interesting. What are these guys like to work for?

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