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Eating on Victoria Island

Andrew Chalk

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Worzel, I assume you are going to Victoria, British Columbia's capital city, which is located on Vancouver Island.

There may already be another thread for Victoria, but here are a few suggestions:

Stage Wine Bar

ph: 250-388-4222

Pizzeria Prima Strada

ph: 250-590-8595


ph: 250-360-1171

Brasserie L'École

ph: 250-475-6260

Paprika Bistro

ph: 250-592-7424

To the north of Victoria, but well worth the drive:

Deep Cove Chalet

ph: 250-656-3541

Each of the above has a website if you want more info.

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It's been a few years, but when we stayed in Sooke we were blown away by Sooke Harbour House's tasting menus. They were completely different every night and rivaled anything here in San Francisco. Their regular (non tasting) menus weren't nearly as good. You have to be willing to drive to Sooke, though. As I recall, it was something like 45 min from Victoria?

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Turns out we went to Ferris's Oyster Bar where they bake oysters six ways:

Baked Oysters each $3

One of each $16

Rockefeller Spinach, Pernod, Bacon, Breadcrumb

Cornelius Corn Flakes, Butter, Fresh Thyme,

Beach Roast Fresh Lemon and Tabasco

Bottecelli Roman Cheese, Olive Oil, Breadcrumb

Lemon Webster's Boot Factory Crab, Smoked Salmon,

Cream Cheese, Seahorse Horseradish Butter, Lemon


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