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Selling Chocolates at Shows and Farmers Markets

carol lang

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What I've seen done in my area (NJ) is a display tray with a clear cover (bug protection) which is set over some kind of cool packs to keep the items from melting away. Works well enough for 2 hours or so. Selections are stored in coolers so when someone picks the item(s) they want, you reach into the cooler with gloved hands and retrieve them.

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Like @ElsieD, I'm a buyer not a seller.  If you can keep your display samples looking as nice and un-melty as possible, I think it would help your sales. 


Yesterday, after reading this query, I made a point to stop by the one chocolate booth at my local farmers market. It was 95°F. They do toffee, all chocolate covered, and sell pre-boxed combos of different sizes and flavor combinations, all in cello-wrapped boxes stored in big coolers under the table and out of view.  Their display consists of pieces on glass-domed cake stands with flavor descriptions below and cello-wrapped boxes with lids removed so you could see the contents.  They had cool-packs under the boxes, hidden beneath the table drape but when I went by at 3 PM (market is noon - 5 PM), they were looking melty and the pieces inside the glass domes were worse.  I wouldn't even want a sample and I know I'd be sold pristine stock but those pieces were like a preview of how they'd probably look by the time I got home.  


It just wasn't a chocolate day 😢

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Thanks for that investigation, @blue_dolphin! That does not sound very attractive, indeed!  My set up worked really well, and that piece of open air advice was invaluable. I displayed an inside view of the 6 piece and 12 piece box we sell, and displayed the individual pieces under a glass tray, with an icebox strategically placed in a box underneath. It worked well, but 5 degrees warmer, I'm not sure. I had boxes stored in a cooler for purchase. I've attached the set up, in case it's helpful to anyone!

- Jen


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On 10/12/2009 at 10:15 PM, lebowits said:

So here are the promised pics of my farmers market setup.

A view to a tent, me in my chair...


An array of goodies...


License, prices, boxes, and stock...


Inside the stock container...


Hand washing station...


How did u keep the chocolate from Melting?


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