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The Society Volunteer Team

All staff members are volunteers, contributing their time to managing and improving the Society's services. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Chris Hennes, Director of Operations.


Dave Scantland ("Dave the Cook", dscantland@egullet.org) After careers in music, hospitality, printing, and publishing, Dave finally arrived at the destination of so many others plagued with vague creativity: marketing. First as a technical writer and illustrator, and later as an international marketing manager, Dave traveled much of Europe and the US, padding his expense account (and his waistline) with efficiency and cunning his employers wished he would have applied to his job. Today, Dave writes, draws, and cooks in the Atlanta suburbs. His family and friends, when describing his pursuit of domestic culinary perfection, dance around the word "depraved" with the agility and suspicion of a sprinter on a Paris sidewalk. Executive Director.

Chris Hennes (chennes@egullet.org) teaches technology classes at the Norman, OK public library. When not working he spends much of his free time in the kitchen, and is especially interested in culinary Modernism and charcuterie. Director of Operations.


Michaela Scioscia ("Mjx") was born in Manhattan, grew up in Florence, and has continued to move from one side of the Atlantic to the other ever since. She was raised a vegetarian, but lapsed, and has been interested in food since her early childhood efforts to make carob drink more palatable. Shortly thereafter she moved into actual cooking, starting with making scrambled eggs for her parents for two weeks straight, trying to get it 'just right'. She is a NYS LMT, has a BA in biology, an MSc in adult learning, and a CELTA certificate, and is currently a copyeditor. She frequently travels around the EU and US, eating things.

Janet A. Zimmerman ("JAZ") writes about food and teaches cooking classes in Atlanta. She attended graduate school in philosophy at the University of California at Irvine, where two years of attempting to teach metaphysics to freshman made the corporate world seem very attractive. After a dozen years working in corporate communications and marketing, during which her abiding interest in food and cooking increased, she decided to combine her epistolary and culinary skills in a new food writing career. She is currently working on a guidebook to developing the palate. Her teaching specialties are appetizers and cocktails, which are much easier to teach (and taste better) than metaphysics. Manager.


David Ross lives in Spokane, but works a one-hour plane ride away in Seattle. When he's not tending to his day job -- or commuting -- he writes about food, reviews restaurants and--corns his own beef, malts chocolate ice cream, and fancies white truffles from Alba.
Nancy Smith ("Smithy") grew up among the citrus groves of central California, and worked summer jobs such as tomato grader in a packing plant and short-order cook at the local drive-in.  Spurred by these early exposures, she got her degrees in Physics, and made her living in dual career tracks of engineering and flight instructing in northern Minnesota.  Her love of cooking developed directly from a love of food, reading and (at the intersection) cookbooks; when she isn't off playing music or otherwise avoiding work she can generally be found in the kitchen making use of every available speck of counter space, or at the computer trying to write about it.

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