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Spammed by the Oak Room


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I just got a spam email from the Oak Room here in NY (from "Laura Altman" - see below). I won't repost it here, thereby spamming all of you in the process too, but that's the first time I've been spammed by a NY restaurant. I have never eaten there, nor do I intend to - are they affiliated with some restaurant group or did they just buy or rent a list from some broker in desperate times? I have no idea how they would have gotten my email address.

Even worse, they are breaking one of the few laws that apply to email, and that is the CAN-SPAM law, which prohibits bulk commercial email from being sent out without the full company name, full postal mailing address and an option to unsubscribe being included in the mailing.

Anyone else ever get spammed by this or other establishments?

This is the person I got the email from:

"Call Laura Altman at 646-251-7829 or email laura@oakroomny.com"

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