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Comments on possible Paris restaurant choices appreciated!

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Hello everyone,

I am considering some restaurants for about a week in Paris. My dining companions are reasonably sophisticated but perhaps not very adventurous. Liver might be okay, but other offal probably not; likewise, at least some shellfish also out. And ideally I wouldn’t want them choosing from just one option or something, even if the menu is not exclusively offal, so I have eliminated certain restaurants where I fear the choices might be too limited. Here is what I’ve come up with (list may lean towards the 7th , where I’ll be staying, but I’m certainly willing to travel on at least some occasions):

L’Ami Jean

Au Bon Accuil


Le Clos de Gourmets

D’Chez Eux

Fables de Fontaine

Le Florimond


La Regalade

Le Souffle

I also guess that if it comes down to a choice between someplace that is consistently very good (but maybe not excellent) and someplace occasionally excellent, but more inconsistent, I’d rather choose consistency. I know there are dissenting opinions about just about every place. I’m not particularly fussy about atmosphere/comfort (although I wouldn’t want every meal to be at a place like, for example, L’Ami Jean), and if someplace is touristy (in the sense that lots of tourists go, not in the sense that it’s a rip-off, obviously), I’m okay with that too. After all, I’m not going to kid myself that I am not a tourist.

Any comments where I’m way off base or any wonderful places I’m missing? My apologies if this is too much like many other threads, but I have been reading as widely as possible and trying to digest everything, and I just wondered if anyone had specific input on what I’ve come up with. You guys always have great advice!

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I like l'ami jean a lot! (and you will definitely find dissenting opinions on that here on EG, but for what it's worth, I'm always happy there.) also, a fan of the Constant restaurants, so Fables might be a good choice. I haven't been to the others frequently enough to comment on consistency.

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We enjoyed our dinner at La Petite Coeur on Rue Mabillon in the Sixth Arr. on 10/3/09. We were able to eat outside in a heat-lamped courtyard. The food was very good and the prices were fair. The non-adventurous eater can fare well, but the food was high quality and artistically presented.

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I'd add Le Violin D'Ingres. That was the best meal of our trip last week. I also like Les Cocottes as suggested above if you want a more casual experience. Les Fables is a great pick. I think Au Bon Accueil is good for non adventurous eaters--the menu seemed very accessible.

I wonder if l'ami Jean will be too much for non-adventurous eaters. I was there on Saturday and as someone that prefers seafood and lighter dishes, the menu really wasn't appealing to me--too much tongue and pig's feet and the like. (Actually these comments just reflect the menu--there were a la carte entree plat options I didn't really explore. So perhaps there are more options that I remember).

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I have to echo the Les Cocottes sentiments. I had an unbelievably delicious meal there a few weeks ago. Lots of fish and traditional proteins - I think a non-adventurous eater would be just fine. (I ate at Violin d'Ingres several years ago and it was very good, but Les Cocottes really made an impression.) I also loved Bistro Paul Bert (I had steak frites - doesn't get more "safe" than that and boy was it tasty). It's a very cool, non-pretentious place, would go back again and again.

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