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Baby Blue Whisky

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I was introduced today to Baby Blue Whisky. A small distiller (Balcones) in Waco, Texas is producing a corn whisky made from Native American blue corn. I was able to secure one of the last bottles in the Dallas, Tx area as they had just put out their first limited production and found this to be a great handcrafted whisky. It is a "corn whisky" not a bourbon. It is lighter and not as sweet as a bourbon, but I found it to be complex and fascinating. A couple of ice cubes and possibly a splash of water is all that is needed. While light, the blue corn flavor actually is the surprising fundamental to the taste of this whisky. It is clear and very noticeable. As I am a big fan of New Mexican food, this flavor was a huge hit with me. Some may find it earthy, but I think all will enjoy.

Here is the website.


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