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Need reliable disher or scooper  (2T, #30)


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I am looking for a source to buy a #30 disher, which should hold 2 TSP. I have a #20 (I think) and it's the Norpro model. I looked on Amazon and found a #30 which the MFG claims is 2T but reading the comments, it looks to be more like 2.5T which was confirmed by another vendor who lists the #30 as 2.5T. I am not surprised why Norpro continues to label their disher as such.

Anyway, any recommendations on a brand or online restaurant supply company for a 2T disher/cookie scoop would be greatly appreciated.


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edited to read correctly

Converting 2 teaspoons to ounces comes to approximately .338 oz, the closest I'm finding is the size 100, which is .332 oz.

Sorry about the previous post.

Here is the link to a chart from a manufacturer in Florida -


Theresa :smile:

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