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Portuguese Egg-Wraps ("trouxas-de-ovos")


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Portuguese Egg-Wraps ("trouxas-de-ovos")

This is one of the most known portuguese desserts

step-by-steppictures can be found here.

  • 18 yolks
  • 2 egg withes
  • 1 kg white sugar
  • 300 ml water

Let the sugar+water boil until reaching 29º Baumé/ 103ºC.

In the meanwhile pass the youlks through a "chinois", being carefull not to foam. Then mix the yolks with the whites gently until it gets uniform.

When the syrup reaches the desired boiling point you should drop a small amount of the yolks into the syrup and let it stay in the heat. You should obtain a thin layer of clotted yolk. Take it out of the syrup with the help of a spatulla or a skimmer and repeat this operation until you have no more yolks. While doing this be carefull so that the syrup doesn't loose the desired density. You may sprinkle some cold water in it to avoid this to happen.

Take two layers at a time and wrap them together with the glossy side turned outside.

Let them rest in some of the remaining syrup so to keep them wet.

Serve them with syrup and a slice of orange.

Or with some lemon sorbet (my favourite)

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