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Rhubarb fool ice cream

Jonathan Day

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Rhubarb fool ice cream

A rhubarb fool has rhubarb and thick cream. I think this is even better, because it's an ice. This can be made with whatever quantity of rhubarb you have available, though you may have to run more than one batch through your ice cream maker.

  • Rhubarb
  • Creme fraiche or thick cream
  • Sugar
  • Water

Slice rhubarb into roughly 2cm pieces, discarding ends and removing stringy bits. Put it in a saucepan.

Make sufficient sugar syrup with equal weights of sugar and water (i.e. 100g of sugar to 100ml of water) to barely cover the rhubarb slices. Poach the rhubarb in the syrup until it is extremely soft.

Put a stick blender into the pan and puree the rhubarb, or pour the mixture into an ordinary blender and puree.

Add thick cream or creme fraiche to taste. You could leave this out altogether for a sorbet. If you've added cream, put the mixture back on the heat until it just bubbles; this will stop the cream from turning into butter in the ice cream machine.

Strain the mixture (though if it has poached long enough this is not necessary) and cool. Spin in an ice cream maker. Serve immediately.

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Jonathan Day

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