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Bahamian Fried Fish

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Bahamian Fried Fish

Serves 3 as Main Dish.

I just fet like experimenting tonight. I was making my usual fried catfish and had a brainstorm: BAHAMIAN FRIED FISH


[i use catfish , and cut out the center fat line and the fat

layer on top; no fishy taste and never a bone yet]

Cut filets to size as desired and place in corning ware bowl.

Smother with lemon juice.

*Add a large splash of coconut rum (!). I use Ricardo coconut

rum from the Bahamas because of its unique natural flavor.

For the cornmeal mix, I add salt; black pepper; paprika; cayenne;

garlic powder; onion powder....all to taste.

The fish is left in liquid just long enough to prepare the cornmeal.

Dredge the filets in cornmeal and fry in deep fryer with basket at

375-400 F for about 4 min.

It is an unbelievable flavor blend. Most people would taste it and not

realize what it was until you told them it was coconut they were tasting.

I'm going to experiment with some sides and sauces next time around to go

with it.

Keywords: Main Dish, Dinner, Seafood, Carribean, Easy, Deep Fryer, Fish

( RG807 )

Texas Tequila Sunrise:

1 Bottle 100% Agave Tequila

1 shot glass, rim salted

1 lime, quartered

1 sunrise

*Pour tequila in salted shot glass. Drop in

1/4 lime. Contemplate the sunrise.

Drink until done. Repeat.

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