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Falafel info overload


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Between here and Chowhound, there's plenty of material for me to read about who has the best falafel in New York. But there are some details I'm interested in that seem to get lost in the volume of the discussions.

Are there good falafel neighborhoods in New York? Does one borough stand out above the rest in this particular measurement?

Who's got the really good condiments? Salads? Pickles? A rainbow of sauces? I half remember, as though it were a dream, a falafel sandwich of my youth I had on a trip to Israel. Red sauce, green sauce, yellow sauce, spicy, sour...

What about cultural differences in condiments? Who has distinctly Iraqi, Israeli or Lebanese sauces?

A place called Pita Hot seems to be well regarded on Yelp! but isn't mentioned at all in very lengthy threads on either Chowhound or eGullet. I think I was there once several years ago and I vaguely remember liking it but for whatever reason I'm also a little suspicious of my own memory in this case. Is Pita Hot any good? How does it compare to your Mamoun's, Azuri's, Olympics, etc...

Also, apparently Pita Hot makes their own pita. Is that still the case? How common is this among the usual falafel suspects?

And they put french fires in the schwarma sandwiches? Which good falafelerias also do this?

Thank you

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There's a falafel place called "Golan Heights" that sounds just like what you're looking for--lots of sauces, big laffas with fries, Israeli chopped salads, etc.--right across the street from Yeshiva University in Washington Heights. We lived in that neighborhood for about a year before finding our current apartment and used to take out from there occasionally. Here's an article about them--


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Actually - this place does it too...


They had a name change but fries, fafalfel - still same, (have the laffa), still good.

Crisp good too, although a world of difference...


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Werner Herzog; NPR interview about his documentary "Grizzly Man"...

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