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Kerry Beal

Chocolate Lab and Teaching Room

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I have a Vollrath and really like it. I tried a home-version induction and it cut off just when I needed it most!! This one is 1800 watts, I think. It has never cut off. You have to have the right pans for it. My All-clad copper core won't work! Alum core does. I think Ikea carries induction worthy pots. Good to have you back in the chocolate business:)

Ruth Kendrick

Artisan Chocolates and Toffees

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Thanks Ladies! I saw a Waring one online that looked pretty decent, but will keep Vollrath and Eurodib in mind. Already have people asking about me doing Halloween chocolates, so looks like I'll probably be decently busy when I get back and set up in Wenatchee :biggrin:

One more question (for the moment), who do you think is the best distributor for the mold d' art melters? Thinking about picking up one (or 2!) this winter as well.

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Not sure in the US - here in Canada the distributor is DR. I've bought directly from Mol d'art in Belgium but they came with a euro plug so I have to use an adaptor which is a bit of a PITA.

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