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Hunter Valley food experiences - recommendations?


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Hi guys,

I am heading up to the Hunter Valley for a wedding with my girlfriend in mid September. I have never been there before (I'm a Melbourne boy) and was hoping you could recommend some food 'experiences' worth checking out. I say 'experiences' only because I don’t mind if its breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnics, good pies, great beer, scones, the best locally bred suckling pig, blah, blah, blah. Just as long as you think it's worthwhile. Again, I don’t mind if its $5 or $200 – as long you think it's enjoyable.

If it helps at all we prefer the smaller places where they take pride in the food and experience they are offering with an enjoyable atmosphere – if they are attached to wineries, even better! But I more than welcome any suggestion that you have.

And if you feel like throwing in any suggestions for wineries to explorer – go right ahead!

Many thanks.

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Hi Rojerk.

We were there a couple of years ago and Roberts was a highlight for lunch. Can't remember what we had, but it was the best meal we had in the Hunter by a long way. Lovely building, too.

Can't say too much about wineries - none of them really stood out (the Barossa has better wines, to my taste, in a more concentrated area).

Have a great trip.


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We rented a old house when we went to the Hunter Valley. Had a great time.

The two vineyards we liked the most were:

Cockfighters - excellent Chardonnay

Scarborough - great wines and they do a structured tasting of 6 wines with nibbles.

Have fun



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