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Schoolhouse at Cannondale

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Anyone try this place?  It's gotten plenty of discussion at Chowhound and Opentable.


I live about 5 minutes from the Schoolhouse but somehow have never gotten around to trying it yet. I have very favorable reports from friends who have tried it, though -- including the restaurateur Ignacio Blanco (founder of Norwalk's Meigas, which he sold a few months ago after many very successful years; co-owner of New Haven's Ibiza, the best Spanish restaurant in the state; and now owner of the new Ibiza Tapas in Hamden). I guess I should try the Schoolhouse, and will report back when I do.

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Schoolhouse is wonderful. Arguably the best restaurant in Connecticut at this point in time.

We're there a half-dozen times a year. New American, farm-to-table cuisine. And a customer friendly corkage policy ($20/bottle).

They tend to have five aps, five mains, and five desserts on the menu each night, which changes fairly frequently - though the main proteins vary little, but the way they are prepped changes.

Not sure what else to say - it's a small but top-notch place. Like a miniature version of Blue Hill that is (for me) closer to home and a whole lot cheaper.

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