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Camp/pressure/kerosene/paraffin stove.


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I brought this one with me from Lebanon.

It's got a fuel tank at the bottom fitted with a fueling cap, a relief valve and a pump. On top is the head. Fuel reaches the head through the stem and flows through the "Y" shaped tubes, where it's heated by the priming process, vaporizes (reaches flash point temperature) and heads downward through the "U" shaped tube and out of the jet, mixes with air and burns.

Coleman camping fuel (odorless kerosene) and rubbing fuel for priming.


The little well below the head is filled with alcohol and lit. The relief valve closed.


Thirty to sixty seconds later, back pressure builds and the thing roared to life. I pumped the stove three times to get the nice blue flame.


The three pump strokes were all that's needed to keep it going for the half hour this batch of fries took to cook (Robuchon method).


The setup. Yes, it's July and we still have to were a sweater.


Perfect fries every time.


So far I have used the stove 3 full hours on a pint of fuel.

I love this thing.

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