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Pam R

New Book From Morfudd Richards (Morfudd)

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Member Morfudd Richards has just had a new book published.

"On July 2nd, her book, "Lola's Ice Cream and Sundaes" was published by Ebury Press, and is comprised of over 100 recipes for ice creams, sorbets and sherbets, including flavours such as Roast red pepper and goats cheese ice cream, Pea and wasabi sorbet, Spiced Valpolicella and chocolate sorbet, Welsh rarebit ice cream with French toast and Avocado and orange sorbet, as well as classic flavours and a chapter called 'Speedy Ices' which includes "Peanut butter ice cream with salted peanut brittle', Redcurrant ice cream' and 'Fresh mint ice cream with chocolate brownies'.

The chapter titled 'Sundaes' includes the well known 'Peach Melba', 'Coupe Cardinal' and 'Coupe Concorde', but Morfudd has also created new sundaes based around themes, such as 'Coupe Aromatique' (Lemon Verbena and rose petal ice cream with Scented geranium ice cream and candied rose petals explores the flavours of Turkish delight); 'Bombe florentine' (explores the flavours in a Florentine biscuit); 'Dolci Tricolore' (buffalo milk and basil ice cream, tomato granita, olive oil ice cream and balsamic snaps is based around the salad Insalata Tricolore), and there is a sundae called 'The Five Flavours of Japan', which explores the concept of the 'five taste sensations' - sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

There is a Q and A chapter in the back which discusses pasteurization, freezing point depression, invert sugar, emulsifiers and the difference between and ice cream and gelato, amongst others.

Morfudd would like to thank the egullet members who very helpfully answered any queries she had about ice cream and sorbet making during her research."

Congratulations, Morfudd!

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