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Sydney International Food Festival

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The Sydney Morning Herald good food month has morphed into a more formal festival with Joanna Savill as its inaugural director.

Part of the program involves a world chef showcase being run at Star city with concurrent sessions over two days (Oct 10-11). Session titles are Thailand/Vietnam, China, World food, Asia, Creative, and Japan.

I'm already booked in for sessions on both days.

Judging from the interest last year in Ferran Adria's talk, tickets may sell out quickly.

Check out this link for more information.

Nick Reynolds, aka "nickrey"

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I agree. I couldn't believe the prices.

When it's this expensive, it turns away many true enthusiasts. I spend a lot of money on dining out and it's hard to see what the experience will actually be like and I might as well just spend the money directly at Quay or Marque.

As for the chefs, there are only a handful who look quite interesting. And there's no way I'm going to pay good money to see someone from Masterchef

I do however applaud the effort in creating many events & bargain lunches around it, just not the main event.


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Couldn't agree more, I will definitely be taking the opportunity to eat well over the month - it is good to see he breadth and variety.

I also wish I had gone to Sa.Qua.Na when I was in Honfleur, I knew Alexandre Bourdas was starting to get a reputation in France but was surprised to see him on the list....!

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