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Guangzhou and Nanchang Dining


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For Guangzhou I would suggest Liuhua Congee House on People's Road (Renmin lu), details can be found here. I went there for an early dinner afternoon and everything we had was very good. I don't know well you'd get by without chinese, but they have an expansive menu and all the dishes have pictures. Unfortunately I never made it back to try their dim sum, but I'd be suprised if it wasn't good considering the quality of their other offerings. For dim Sum I think you have to get their before noon or 11am.

Another restaurant you might try is Vaastu, an Indian restaurant that's supposed to be very good. Never made it out myself, as I was more interested in Cantonese food, but it did seem very intriguing and has won some awards. Just google it or Vaastu Guangzhou and you should find it easily.

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For GuangZhou dim Sum, I recommend 'GuangZhou JiuJia' and 'TaoTaoJu'.

JiuJia means Restaurant.

Guangzhou JiuJia was founded in 1939, is the first restaurant in GuangZhou.

Its main store is in `Shangxiajiu pedestrian street`.

It is famous for cantonese cuisine and moon cakes.

As Gabriel Lewis says, you have to get their before noon or 11 am.

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