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Red Sky Restaurant in Southwest Harbor


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They got a great review in DownEast Magazine & the menu on the web site looks terrific. Wondering if any eGulleters have been lately?


Yes! We were up in Acadia for vacation last week and ate there twice.

We'd gone last year while on vacation and loved it (ended up going twice that week as well). So this year we were ready and made 2 reservations ahead of time. They try whenever possible to use local fresh ingredients and it shows.

Our favorite dish was the ravioli. I also loved the baby back ribs - fantastic sauce and very tender and it came with excellent scalloped potatoes. My husband had the Mexican style seafood stew and really enjoyed that. The first night I had the scallops (very sweet and perfectly cooked) with the beet risotto and my only complaint was that there wasn't enough beets. I would have liked it best if they had just made a risotto and had beets as a separate side.

The starters were just slightly less impressive but still tasty. I had a salad with caramelized pears (just so-so) and maytag goat cheese. And I had the lobster turnover which I enjoyed but the side condiment of orange mint was way too sour to even eat and wasn't at all necessary for the dish. My husband had as a starter the Maine shrimp in a peanut sauce and he thought it was very good.

We also had a meal at Havana but I much prefer Red Sky. Other that than we ate dinner at Thurston's!

Oh yeah, almost forgot an absolute killer chocolate cake for dessert at Red Sky.

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Sadly, we had some major disappointments last September.

We go every September and have been loving Thurstons for years...Now the owners leased out the restaurant several years ago but it was still excellent...until 2009 when the renters opened another place (Gilleys) where they spent much of their time...no one was in charge at THurstons..and we will not return...can you believe their lobsters were overcooked and disappointing....

We also find Red Sky has a disappointing menu and is a bit high priced...for what is offered...

So what did we enjoy...the Claremont hotel restaurant- Xanthus...The wine bar next to Red Sky...what a pleasure and then we drove to Town Hill...had sub sandwiches at their Deli and at Town Hill Bistro in TOwn Hill...

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Thanks for the update Shmily. Red Sky and Thurstons were our two best dining experiences last time we visited the area (2 years ago). We plan to return next year so it's good info to have.

Those who do not remember the pasta are doomed to reheat it.

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